Quantum Field Meditation

Quantum field meditation to manifest a positive future


The purpose of this quantum field meditation is to manifest a positive future which is turned to live. We do this as follows:

  • We mentally travel into the future

  • We visualize the desired end result

  • And generate the associated feeling of joy

  • And victory over darkness

  • We thank the universe for our wonderful future

So we are using the physical laws of quantum mechanics to reprogram our subconscious.

We do all of this in the theta state, preferably in the morning and in the evening. We can create this state through our breath or by looking at kaleidoscopes as they are incorporated in this meditation video.

Why are theta brainwaves important?
Our brain naturally reaches theta brain waves during deep sleep, or REM. Theta brain waves range from 4-8Hz, so they are still below the alpha wave frequency. This is the state in which the subconscious is most creative and we enter a deep state of meditation. The subconscious determines over 90 percent of our actions! In order to reprogram our subconscious, we need to be in the theta wave.

This video is structured as follows and unfolds its optimal effect when it is used as described below:

  1. 8 minutes of watching the kaleidoscope with background music

  2. View and listen to 3.5 minutes of visualization with images and text, the latter also being spoken

  3. Points 1 and 2 should be repeated twice

  4. Finally, another 8 minute kaleidoscope

Optionally, the meditation can of course also be ended beforehand.

The text associated with the visualization comes from the spiritual world, directly from the Creator Source. The copyright for this lies with Christ Michael Aton (see also http://en.christ-michael.net/).